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Wonder Girls is the title of a Korean pop-girls-group: The Wonder Begins, and The Wonder (For the girl group "The Wonder Girls")
As a group, Wonder Girls were introduced through the program "MTV Wonder Girls". The first 4 episodes gave the intro and profiles of the members and showed their daily schedules. After selecting "Ye Run" as the 5th member, the Wonder Girls got their showcase in the MTV Studio. In this they performed a cover of "Don't Cha", and their own two songs "Irony" and "It's not love". Sun Ye performed solo by singing "Stand Up for Love", while Hyundai performed by showing dancing skills. The other three members "Ye Eun, Sun Mi & So Hee" did a cover of Janet Jackson's "Together Again".
The Wonder Girls officially debuted in 2007 on MBC's "Show! Music Core", with Irony, which was also the single from their debut album, "The Wonder Begins". The album sold over 11,000 copies in 2007. The Wonder Girls official fan club was established, and got the name "Wonderful". The group had many showcases in China after receiving Chinese lessons. However, some members of the Wonder Girls had injuries and health problems. In June, Sophie was sidelined for a month because she teared a knee ligament, falling off a motorcycle while filming "I like it hot". The 4 other members continued performing until late July, when Hyundai was taken away from the group by her parents, due to their concern for problems with chronic gastroenteritis. In autumn, 2007 "Good Entertainment", sent their trainee Rubin, to JYP Entertainment as replacement for Hyuna. She made her debut 3 days later in a live performance of "Tell me" on Music Bank.

Their 1st full-length album (2nd album all included), "The Wonder Years", was released with "Tell me." Due to the late addition of Yubin, the album version didn't include her part. The performance version was reworked to include Yubin, but that was it. The single became a massive hit, and reached number 1 in several Korean TV and internet charts, including The Music Bank. The song were simple and widely imitated. By October, many fan performances of the dance were seen on video sharing sites, such as YouTube and Daum. Even one performed by a group of policemen!. The dance became so popular, it became known as the "Tell me Virus" and gave the Wonder Girls group, the title of "Korea's Little Sisters". Videos of the dance came from fans from other countries too, like for the Philippines and France, and the song even made it to number 1 in Thailand.
The Wonder Girls has a promotional schedule for their albums, and in 2007 they began working on the 2nd single from the album, "This Fool". They made appearances on variety and game shows, and sang live at both Radio and music festivals. They had music shows and special performances with other groups, such as Big Bang and Girls' Generation. MTV also showed 3 seasons of "The Wonder Life". This is a reality TV series about the girls. The Wonder Girls returned to Korea in 2008, and a picture of each member was released, starting with Ye-eun and ending with Sohee. Then a preview from their upcoming single was released. Rumors had it, that Hyuna would be returning to the group again, but "JYP Entertainment" said the stories were false. Their new single, "So hot", was released in 2008, and it topped online charts fast. They performed on MBC's Music Core with "So Hot" and "This Time". The full single was released soon after, containing the title track, a hip-hop version of "Tell me", and "You're out". Because of vocal problems, Yubin lip-synced her part, with the excuse of "doctors orders".
The music video for "Nobody", was released in autumn, 2008, and the single was released with it. They performed the same weekend on "Music Bank", "Music Core" and "Inkigayo". The song got straight to number 1 on KBS' Music Bank, and staying there for 4 weeks. Wonder Girls won Cyworld's "Song of the Month" award in October. At the MNet KM Music Festival Awards, they won 3 awards. "Song of the Year", "Best Music Video" with "Nobody", and "Best Female Group". They also won an award at the 2008 Golden Disk Awards, for highest sales. At the 18th Seoul Music Awards, the Wonder Girls won a Dangle. "Artist of the Year".
Later in 2008, the Wonder Girls joined their producer "Park Jin-young" for his concert tour through Korea and the US. They went to New York and Los Angeles. They filmed the music video "Wishing on a Star" while they were in New York.
They were also selected as a "Top girl group" by Virgin Media, putting them side by side with "The Pussycat Dolls", "Girls Aloud" and "Danity Kane". At the end of 2008, the Wonder Girls had an estimated earning of $9 million US as a group.

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Girl groups emerged in the late 50s as groups of young singers teamed up with behind-the-scenes songwriters and music producers to hit singles, often featuring glossy Wonder Girls pictures and wonder girls lyrics, production values and backing by top musicians. In later eras the girl group template would be applied to disco, contemporary R&B, and country-based formats as well as pop. Then, other groups later took advantage of the disco backlash and brought girl bands into pop tell me Wonder Girls English and nobody English lyrics, and pop rock from the most successful of these were Bananarama, The Bangles, Pointer Sisters, Weather Girls and Mary Jane Girls. Girls Aloud achieved a string of twenty consecutive top ten singles including four number ones and two number one albums in five of their studio albums Wonder Girls wallpaper and Wonder Girls nobody lyrics, have been certified platinum, with their greatest hits album. The Sound of Girls Aloud selling Wonder Girls pictures and wonder girls lyrics, over one million copies.

Both groups have been nominated for multiple BRIT Awards, with Suga-babes winning Best Dance Act in Girls Aloud winning Best Single for The Promise in 2009. Later bands include The Saturdays, who launched in 2008. A distinction was made here with all female bands, in which members also play instruments, though this terminology was not universally followed. During the Music Hall Vaudeville era, all girl singing groups were mainly novelty acts singing Wonder Girls wallpaper and Wonder Girls nobody lyrics, nonsense songs in silly voices. One of the first exceptions was the Boswell Sisters, who became one of the most popular singing groups from 1930 to 1936, with over twenty hits. The Channels released the 58 song Maybe, the The Teen Queens had a one hit tell me Wonder Girls English and nobody English lyrics, wonder with Eddie My Love. However, the group often considered to have started the girl group genre was The Shirtless, who the Top 40 with Tonight's the Night, later Wonder Girls pictures and wonder girls lyrics, becoming the first girl group to reach number in 61 with Will You Love Me Tomorrow, written by Brill Building songwriters Gerry Coffin and Carole King. Jerry Libeler and Mike Stiller would likewise foster The Dixie Cups, The Shangri-Las, and The Exciters. Other important girl group included Ellie Greenwich, Jeff Barry, Cynthia Wonder Girls wallpaper and Wonder Girls nobody lyrics, Wei and Barry Mann. The Motown label also masterminded several major girl groups, beginning with The Novelettes and with Martha and the Vanillas, The Supreme, and The Novelette.

Patti La Belle and The Bluebells was a US 60s girl group. In the early 70s manager Vicki Wick-ham helped remake their image, La belle and pushing them in the direction of Glam rock. La belle were the first girl group eschew matching outfits and Wonder Girls pictures and wonder girls lyrics, identical choreography, instead wearing extravagant spacesuits and headdresses. tell me Wonder Girls English and nobody English lyrics, Later, during the Disco craze, female included Sister Sledge, Silver Convention, Belle ProQuest, Fr-antique, Luv' and Baccara. Perfume, meanwhile, also became one of successful girl groups, however, their musical style was nearly different to any girl groups in Japan, more focusing on electronic dance-pop upon signing a major label. Wilson Phillips were a trio of American who became the best-selling female group Wonder Girls wallpaper and Wonder Girls nobody lyrics, at the time with their hit 90 self-titled album. Around the same time, other American tell me Wonder Girls English and nobody English lyrics, girl groups such as En Vogue, Expose and Sweet Sensation all singles hit number one on Wonder Girls pictures.

Wonder Girls lyrics, the charts. Also in the early 90s, a number of girl groups came onto the scene, including SW, TLC, Escape and Zane. They were followed in the mid 90s by Destiny's Child. In 96, the American domination of the girl group scene was overtaken by the UK's Spice Girls, who had nine number 1 singles in the UK, including Wannabe, 2 Become 1 and Spice Up Your Life. Morning Museum currently holds the position as the best-selling female artists in Japan according to Oricon statistics, while Speed sold a total of 2 million alone in Japan in their three-year history. With sold-out concerts, advertisements, merchandise and a film, Spice Girls became the most commercially successful British group since one of the biggest selling, Wonder Girls wallpaper and Wonder Girls nobody lyrics, pop groups of the 90s. Their first album, Spice was the best-selling album of the all time by a female group, with 23 million sales worldwide. Other songwriters and producers quickly recognized the potential of this new approach, and recruited existing acts or, in some record their songs in tell me Wonder Girls English and nobody English lyrics, a girl-group style. Phil Sector recruited The Crystals, The Rosettes, while Coffin and King handled much of the output of The Cookies. In total, the Spice Girls sold in excess of 80 million records worldwide.

According to The Times, BBC News and David Sinclair, they are the most successful girl group of all Wonder Girls pictures and wonder girls lyrics, time. Other groups included the British-Canadian outfit All Saints who were marketed as a rival and different to Spice Girls, Irish girl group B*Witched and Eternal who all achieved worldwide success during the decade. In the United Kingdom, girl groups remained popular during the 2000s. Atomic Kitten had a string of hits, including their number one Whole Again in 2000.

Sugababes tell me Wonder Girls English and nobody English lyrics, and Girls Aloud became popular during the early 20s. Girls Aloud's Sound of the Wonder Girls pictures and wonder girls lyrics, Underground and Sugababes' Round Round have been called two huge groundbreaking hits, credited with pop music for the 2000s. Sugababes have amassed six Wonder Girls wallpaper and Wonder Girls nobody lyrics, UK number one singles and fourteen additional top ten singles, as well as four platinum albums, making them the successful female act of the 21st century according to Hit Singles & Albums. A girl group was a popular music act featuring several young female singers who generally harmonise together. Hallyu Korean wave and K-pop have become increasingly significant in the music industry, with its influence breaking the Asia and spreading to America and tell me Wonder Girls English.

Nobody English lyrics. Idol groups are one of the leaders of the Hallyu and a few girl groups have made themselves known in spite of the fierce competition. Since the late 90s, as J-Pop has become more popular outside of Japan, Japanese girl groups such as Speed, Morning Museum, and AKB48 have. With 60 members, AKB48 was Wonder Girls pictures and wonder girls lyrics, currently recognized by the Guinness World Record as the pop group with the most members. The Andrews Sisters started as a Boswell tribute band and recording and tell me Wonder Girls English and nobody English lyrics, performing through the 40s, achieving more record sales, more Billboard hits, more million-sellers, and more movie appearances than any other girl group to date. Namely, girl groups Girls' Generation, 2NE1, miss A, Wonder Girls, and Kara are widely Wonder Girls wallpaper.

Wonder Girls nobody lyrics, recognized as the top girl groups of Korea. Other relatively well known South Korean girl groups also include, Brown Eyed Girls, 4 minute, After School, Rainbow and T-ara. Meanwhile, girl groups have proved to be less popular in American music during the 21st Century, where solo acts and mixed as The Black Eyed Peas tend to be more Wonder Girls pictures and wonder girls lyrics, successful. However, the Pussycat Dolls as fronted by Nicole Scherzinger are one of the few examples of successful American post-90's, with hits like Don't Cha and Wonder Girls wallpaper and Wonder Girls nobody lyrics, Stickup. Their debut album PCD went top in a number of places.